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Misc: Various mix of bookmarks

I try to bookmark stuff but always end up losing the bookmarks, so I just note them here (when I remember to do so!).
Most of these links are quite old but probably still relevant in most cases.

Creating custom ESXi firewall rule
HP ACU CLI tools on VMWare
Add a cron job in VMWare
Customised ESXi 5.5 ISO

MySQL log is in the future - fix
MySQL select and calculate value from multiple columns
uk date format in mysql
Rename a table in MySQL
How to Change a Column Name in MySQL
Add a column to an existing MySQL table
SQL Prepared Statements

Opamp gain calculator
Ohms law calculator (+ other calculators)
HiFi Collective

HTML form submit to self
Styling forms with CSS
HTML colour picker
Build a calendar table
Various CSS Input Text Styles (and labels)
css center div inside container?
Replace invalid image url with 404 image
Linux & BSD

FreeBSD ppp router
Blocking multicast traffic with iptables
Send email with netcat
Linux hpacucli - HP Raid too
CentOS upgrade tool
List of raw FTP commands
ShellCheck - check shell scripts
Simple server monitoring with xinetd
Bash while loop
Converting string to lower case in Bash shell scripting
Bash - test if a variable is a number
Netcat examples
More Netcat stuff
Vi Search and Replace
Bash - if - else
Add character to the beginning of each line using sed

Verify Successful Replication to a Domain Controller
Exchange versions (2013 related)
Powershell NIC configuration
Launch control panel apps command line
More on control panel launching
And more!

PHP5 foreach loop
How do I make a PHP form that submits to self?
Addition in PHP
PHP Update Data in MySQL
PHP for loop
PHP echo block of text
PHP function return array
How to check if a string contains a specific word in PHP?
Keeping Navigation Current With PHP
Remove directory from glob() results
PHP – strip leading slashes, strip trailing slashes
PHP Variables, Functions, Arrays, and Loops
Handling a PHP unserialize offset
Best way to do a PHP switch with multiple values per case?
How to create dynamic header for tables in php
Encode and store multiple variables in URL
Check if directory exists, make directory
Retrieve the list of all jpg files in a directory

Gnuplot #1
GNUPlot #2
Gnuplot #3
BMW parts lists

Misc. stuff

download images from google with command line