Multi-function high-precision test signal generation software


WaveGene is a tool that generates various test audio signals by calculation and outputs them to sound devices and files.

* types of waveforms, sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, sawtooth wave, pulse train, pulse train (+-), white noise, pink noise, and M series noise (MLS), can be arbitrarily combined up to 8 at the same time (mix). You can output it.
(Compatible with multi-channel Wave files (WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE format) up to 8ch) For

periodic waveforms (sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, sawtooth wave, pulse train, pulse train (+-)), a band-limited signal without alias is generated. You can also.

Furthermore, any waveform (Wave format and original text format) can be imported and generated as a user waveform.

The frequency and amplitude can be changed continuously and smoothly with the mouse wheel, making it as easy to use as an analog oscillator.

You can filter the output with any characteristic.
It can also be oversampled (x2, x4, x8, x16) to generate a signal and filter it.
The characteristics of the filter can be changed even while a signal is being generated.

* There are sweep (frequency, amplitude, phase, and their combination, continuous, step),
  modulation (AM, DSB, FM, PM, PWM), and tone burst generation function.
  With the PWM function, the duty cycle can be changed for periodic waveforms other than sine waves.
  You can also use the user waveform as the modulated signal. (There are some restrictions)

* The frequencies of the two waveform generators can be changed in synchronization with any ratio.
  You can also sweep the two waveform generators in sync.   * In addition, various settings such as

phase and sample delay settings, L / R output destination distribution, offset, polarity, etc. are possible. * Wave format can be set to 8, 16, 24, 32, Float32bit, Stereo / Mono, and   sampling frequency can be set arbitrarily. * In addition to Hz, the frequency can be set in cycles according to the number of samples. * Amplitude can be set in 3 types: dB, numerical value, and percentage.    (In addition, these units can be easily converted to each other.) * When outputting a file, you can output in text format in addition to Wave format. (Since this file has the same format as the user waveform, it can be read as a user waveform again.) * All settings can be exported as a setting parameter file with comments,   and complicated settings can be read again later. Can be reproduced at any time. * Compatible with MME, DirectSound, and ASIO drivers.   (Because it supports ASIO, accurate input / output is possible with a compatible sound card)


[ASIO is a trademark of Steinberg Soft- und Hardware GmbH]

In particular, it is convenient to set the frequency with one touch so that there is no error for data extraction during FFT (there is only one spectrum), which is convenient when used with spectrum display software such as my WaveSpectra. There is a function.

It can be used for checking sound devices and various audios, and as a test signal source when creating a CD-DA using a CD-R.

Operating environment

* Notes on measuring frequency characteristics using WaveGene and WaveSpectra. It is a copy of what is written in the help, but I often get an email asking if you can read it (tears), so I will post it here.

V1.50 ← 2013/01/05 updated (Operation screen image)

(Changes from V1.40)

* This software is freeware .

Download WG150.ZIP (2,790,493 bytes) <-2017/09/08 Rewrite only the document

* Please note that some security / virus check software may be deleted unconditionally just because it is new software (it is clear that the operation is not properly inspected just because there are few users). please give me.
Of course, it is not dangerous, so in that case it is very troublesome, but please refer to the help of the software and perform the process of "trusting WG.EXE".

* This is a bug that has been confirmed at present. (It will be fixed in the next version)

  1. When "Synchronize Wave5" is checked in the frequency setting bar window, if "Wave5 frequency" is set to "Wave1 + number" and a negative value is set, Wave5 frequency will follow Wave1 and become negative. When it becomes a value, it becomes "pow: DOMAIN error".
    For the time being, do not set a negative value with "Wave1 + number", or make sure that the frequency of Wave5 does not become a negative value.
Note: Starting with V1.50, it no longer works on Windows 95/98 / Me (/ 2000).
In that case, please use V1.40.
Download WG140.ZIP (692,992 bytes)

* This is a sample of the user waveform.
(Waveform for measuring frequency characteristics in combination with WaveSpectra)
Download UserWaveSample1.ZIP (1,915,974 bytes)

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