High speed real time spectrum analyzer


WaveSpectra is a tool that performs FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) on a sound signal input from a sound card or Wave file and displays its frequency component (spectrum) in real time.

Since it is designed to operate at high speed, you can use your computer as a spectrum analyzer for the audio band.

(Since the clock of the PC was originally developed around 100MHz, it can be used sufficiently even with machines several generations ago.)

* If a speed of several tens of frames / second can be obtained, it will almost follow the input change in real time. You can see it.
* Supports up to 8, 16, 24, 32bit (including floating point) Wave format (PCM only), 384kHz sampling (10MHz on the scale).
* Supports BWF (Broadcast Wave Format) format, RF64 format (4GB or more),
 and multi-channel Wave files (WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE format) up to 8 channels.
* MME, DirectSound, ASIO, WASAPI (exclusive mode Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7 only) driver compatible.

[ASIO is a trademark of Steinberg Soft- und Hardware GmbH]

Measurement functions include peak hold waveform, average waveform, readout, overlay (load, save, export to Excel, etc.), THD (+ N), S / N, RMS, etc., as well as Spectrum 3D display and Wave Lissajous (XY) display and level meter display are also available.
(The display screen can be copied to the clipboard at any time.)

Furthermore, when playing a Wave file, there is also an analysis / waveform display function that follows the movement of the knob of the position specification track bar, and an analysis function at any accurate position. I have. (Analysis mode: Analysis position fine specification function. The analysis position fine specification function can be used even if there is no sound device or a Wave file in a format that cannot be played.)

Also, when inputting from the sound device, it operates while recording to the file at the same time. You can.

There are various measurement functions, but for the time being, please use it as a player (with playlist function) for playing Wave files or as a recorder without thinking that it is too difficult.
It's a lot of fun just watching the changes in the spectrum of music.

Operating environment

* Notes on frequency characteristic measurement using Wave Spectra and distortion factor measurement. It is a copy of what is written in the help, but I often get an email asking if you can read it (tears), so I will post it here.

V1.51 ← 2012/08/15 Updated (Operation screen image)

(Changes from V1.50)

  [Bug fixes & improvements]

( Changes from previous version V1.50 ← 2011/11/11 V1.40)

* This software is freeware .

Download WS151.ZIP (3,031,364 bytes) <-2017/09/08 Rewrite only the document

* Please note that some security / virus check software may be deleted unconditionally just because it is new software (it is clear that the operation is not properly inspected just because there are few users). please give me.
Of course, it is not dangerous, so in that case it is very troublesome, but please refer to the help of the software and perform the process of "trust WS.EXE".

Note: Starting with V1.50, it no longer works on Windows 95/98 / Me (/ 2000).
In that case, please use V1.40.
Download WS140.ZIP (1,139,315 bytes)

[ Bug information ] The bugs  currently confirmed in V1.40 are as follows.

  • When playing in a playlist, if "silence length" is non-zero and the driver of the sound device is ASIO, an "Unable to create ASIO Buffer" error will occur when moving to the next song.
    Countermeasure: If "silence length" is set to 0, it will operate normally, so please use it in this state for the time being.
  • The "Playlist" page in the help file
    "Shift + play button ..." is a mistake of
    "Shift + open Wave file button ..."

* 5.1ch (6ch) Wave file sample. If necessary, use it for testing.
(WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE format 10 seconds Please refer to TEST_5_1ch.TXT inside for details)

Download TEST_5_1ch_WAV.ZIP (1,436,845 bytes)

● See here for what to do if the help file WS.CHM is not displayed .