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This site covers some of my hobbies, which include electronics and Hi-Fi

I'm also a keen photographer, and my photo galleries can be found here

I also run a Knowledgebase website which contains various notes and tips I have made over time.

An IP Calculator can be found here.

I have also mirrored the old Psion pages at ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de - data and applications for older Psion devices such as the 3a appear to be getting increasingly scarce - I found this site after much searching, hence I thought I would mirror the Psion section.

The original site can be found here appears to be dead.

Check out my son Keith's music on Youtube

About the author:

I am a Network Administrator with extensive Linux and Windows experience.

Prior to working in IT, I used to repair Video Cameras, Radios, Televisions and Video Cassette recorders.

I also have extensive experience repairing Hi-Fi amplifiers (proper Hi-Fi not the "all in one" junk), and have also been known to repair CD players too.

I have also dabbled in electronics design, mostly Hi-Fi amplifiers and Pre-Amplifiers (I'm a Hi-Fi enthusiast, although I wouldn't describe myself as a typical 'audiophile').

If you have any comment about this site please email me: