Multifunction high precision test signal generation software

WaveGene Help

V1.50 (2013/01/05)

Please see the history for changes from the previous version.


This WaveGene is a tool that generates various test audio signals by calculation and outputs them to sound devices and files.

Up to 8 arbitrary combinations (mix) of nine kinds of waveforms of sine wave, rectangular wave, triangular wave, sawtooth wave, pulse train, pulse train (+ -), white noise, pink noise, M series noise (MLS) You can output.
(It corresponds to multichannel Wave file of up to 8ch (WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE format))

* With regard to periodic waveforms (sine wave, rectangular wave, triangular wave, sawtooth wave, pulse train, pulse train (+ -)), it is also possible to generate a signal without band limited alias.

* You can import and generate two types of arbitrary waveform (Wave format and original text format) as the user waveform.

* Sweep (frequency, amplitude, phase, combination thereof, continuous, step), modulation (AM, DSB, FM, PM, PWM), tone burst generation function.
Depending on the PWM function, it is also possible to change the duty cycle for periodic waveforms other than sine waves.
User waveforms can also be used as modulation signals. (Some restrictions apply)

* In addition, various settings such as phase and sample delay setting, sorting of output destination of L / R, offset, polarity, etc. are possible.

* Frequency setting can be set in cycles according to the number of samples in addition to Hz.

* Amplitude setting can be set with 3 types of dB, numerical value, and percentage.
(Also, these units can easily be interconverted)

* Frequency and amplitude can be changed continuously smoothly by the mouse wheel, and it is operability like an analog oscillator.

* The frequency of the two waveform generators can be changed synchronously while holding an arbitrary ratio.
You can sweep the two waveform generators synchronously.

* Output can be filtered with arbitrary characteristics.
You can also oversample (x2, x4, x8, x16) to generate a signal and filter it.
The filter can change its characteristics even during signal generation.

* The Wave format is 8, 16, 24, 32, Float 32bit, 1 to 8ch, sampling frequency can be set arbitrarily (currently from 1000Hz to 99MHz).

* MME, DirectSound, ASIO, WASAPI (exclusive mode Windows Vista SP1 or later) driver compatible.

* When outputting files, you can output in text format in addition to Wave format.
(Since this file has the same format as the user waveform, it can also be read as user waveform again.)

* All settings can be exported as setting parameter file with comment, and you can reproduce complicated settings at any time by reading again later.

Especially, for convenience when using with spectrum display software like WaveSpectra like my work, FFT There is a convenient function that allows you to set frequencies with just one touch (no spectral error) for extracting data when doing.

For checking sound devices and various audio, CD-R You can use it as a test signal source for CD - DA creation by.

Operating environment

  • Windows XP or later
    ( Note: V1.50 to 95/98 / Me no longer work)
    CPU clock 500 MHz or more.
    (However, some higher-speed CPUs may be required depending on the function to be used, such as band limitation and output filter)

* MME, DirectSound, ASIO, WASAPI (Exclusive mode only) Driver support.
(Accurate output is possible with ASIO and WASAPI)

[ASIO Interface Technology by Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH]

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