Create an appropriate folder and use WS.EXE and WX01DLL.DLL (And the help file WS.CHM).
However, be sure to set an ordinary folder on the local disk in the PC C: \WS or D: \WS_TEST etc).

And if you make a suitable shortcut etc for starting, that is it.
Moreover, since it does not write at all in the Windows system folder and registry even during use, you can use it only with a sense of security with ease.

However, it is necessary to save the window position, display condition and others and reproduce it at the next startup Create the WS.INI file in the same folder as the started WS.EXE.
(It will be made automatically at the end, you do not need to be at the beginning)

If you want to use under different conditions, please make folders separately and put them in.

*Up to two WS.EXE can be activated.
Two can be used independently with different settings. (For recording, for reproduction etc.)
Second, WaveSpectra: 2 appears in the title bar.
Also, the second INI file is WS_2.INI .

It is now possible to operate two from V1.50 synchronously. ( WaveSpectra: 2 sync )
By doing this, by playing the same file on the same device with two WaveSpectra (going gradually misunderstood if it is a different device) or recording, for the time being The spectrum can be displayed simultaneously with 2 ch of L, R.


Just erase all the files for each folder and it is the end.

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