High Speed Real Time Spectrum Analyzer

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V1.51 (2012/08/15)

Please see the history for changes from the previous version.


This WaveSpectra is a tool to display its frequency components (spectra) in real time by FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) of sound signals that are input to sound devices and Wave files.

Since it was made to operate at high speed, you can use the personal computer as a spectrum analyzer of the audio band.

(Originally developed at around 100 MHz clock of the PC, it can be used enough even for several generations ago)

* If you can obtain speeds of several tens of frames per second, you can see almost change in input in real time.
* Supports 8, 16, 24, 32 bit (including floating point) Wave format (linear PCM only) and 384 kHz sampling (10 MHz on scale).
* BWF (Broadcast Wave Format) format, RF64 format (4GB or more),
Multichannel Wave file up to 8 channels (WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE Format).
* MME, DirectSound, ASIO, WASAPI (exclusive mode Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7 only) Driver support.

[ Measurement Mode ]
As measurement functions, peak hold waveform, average waveform, lead out, overlay (load, save, Export to Excel etc.), THD (+ N), S / N, RMS Others, Spectrum 3D display, Wave Lissajous (X - Y) display, level meter display are also available.
(The display screen can be copied to the clipboard at an arbitrary timing.)

Furthermore, when playing Wave files, there is also an analysis / waveform display function that tracks the movement of the position setting track bar knob, and an arbitrary precise position analysis function. (Analysis mode: Analysis position fine designation function . Even if there is no sound device or a wave file of a format that can not be played back, the analysis position The fine designation function is available)

Also, when inputting from a sound device, you can record while recording to the file at the same time.

Although there are various measurement functions, for the time being Please do not think about the difficult thing, please use it as a player for Wave file performance (with playlist function) or as a recording machine.
Just watching the change in the spectrum of music is quite fun.

Operating environment

  • Windows XP or later
    (NOTE:V1.50 to 95/98 / Me, it does not work, it can not be moved even in 2000. However, because it requires special procedures, it is excluded. Please contact if you absolutely need me.)
    CPU clock: If it is over 500 MHz, there is usually no problem. (It may affect graphics performance more than that)
  • Since the measurement accuracy depends on the performance of the sound device, we recommend that you use as high performance as possible.
    (Observable / measurable with considerable accuracy up to about 100 kHz by using a high performance device such as 192 kHz / 24 bit)

*MME, DirectSound, ASIO, WASAPI (exclusive use only)driver Correspondence.
(Accurate input / output is possible with ASIO and WASAPI)

[ASIO Interface Technology by Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH]

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