V1.51 (2012/08/15)

[Bug Fix & Improve]

  • A nested state chunk (labl) in the LIST adtl chunk attached to the cue chunk with the
  • marker recorded , Note, ltxt) Fixed a problem that a file with a large number of errors could not be read. (Corresponding to the number of markers of 100 +)
  • In order to display and display up to 100 marker function in the position specification window of the fine position designation function (analysis mode) increased.
  • Playback of the sound at the beginning of the current position of the fine position designation function, simultaneously press the right mouse button while repeating Fixed that it became unstable or hung.

V1.50 (11/11/2011)

  • Corresponds to WAS API (Windows Audio Session API). (Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7 only)
    Exclusive mode exclusive (event drive mode, timer drive mode Both
  • 64 bit file addressing, 2GB or more Wave file, 4GB or more Corresponds to RF64 format. In addition to splitting every 2 GB (change to 99) as usual when recording to a file to
    file, add mode that automatically becomes RF 64 format when exceeding 4 GB.
  • Corresponds to files of BWF (Broadcast Wave Format) format. (Reproduction / recording)
  • multi-channel Wave file (WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE Format). (Up to 8 channels of playback / recording)
  • Change the display window when pressing the usable format button on the recording / playback tab of the
  • setting dialog. The window is displayed first and the currently checked place is displayed in real time.
    Also, from the display of S, M etc., it changed to display with the number of the supported channel number.
  • On the recording / playback tab of the setting dialog, expand the usable format to 384 kHz. (Internally up to 10 MHz is possible) On the recording / playback tab of the
  • setting dialog, Info / Panel button was separated into each. (ASIO, WASAPI)
  • Mono files have always been played in Stereo, Mono Changed to play as it is.
    In the recording / playback tab - play in the setting dialog, if you check the "Mono play in Stereo" Become.
    (Even in the setting without check, it seems that it will always be played in Stereo when MME, DirectSound)
  • So far, in the format which can not be reproduced, it was always possible to select so that it was designed to open in analysis mode (fine position designation mode).
    In the recording / playback tab - Play in the settings dialog, "Open automatically in analysis mode when format is unplayable" When checked, as usual.
  • Recording / playback tab in setting dialog "Recording to file" "
  • Enabled on / off of "periodic header update". Added automatic setting of drawing method button on WI and Spectrum tab of setting dialog.
    (I made the setting window open automatically on the first boot)
  • Wave tab of setting dialog -Display Wave file information window button to display the It opens a window that displays detailed information (contents of chunk).
  • Added"Timer / pause resolution" checking function and setting function on the other tab of the setting dialog.
  • " WaveSpectra: 2 " synchronization function was added on the other tab of the setting dialog.
  • It is now possible to control the operation of the second WaveSpectra: 2 from the first and to do it at the same time. Simply set the spectrum of both Lch and Rch to Observation at the same time as well.
  • Changed to instantly write profile when pressing setting button in setting dialog.
  • It is possible to display the level meter in the vertical directionas well. It became possible to display up to 8 channels in both length and width.
  • Measurement mode Spectrum Max, and lead out At the time of, add a function to make "interpolate to improve accuracy".
    Spectrum tab of setting dialog - Numeric display (Max, lead out), it can be set to x16, x128. On the
  • scale, sampling frequency Fs 100 to 10 MHz, FFT sample data number 128 to 131072 corresponded.
  • Main Window Wave: Change the display of the field.
    In the case of the BWF format, the display of B is added at the end, and in the case of the RF 64 format Added display of 64.
    Wave: Right-clicking on the column displays detailed information on the file.
    (Wave tab of setting dialog Wave file information window The same function as display button of)
  • Changing playing position to playlist window Previous (Prev), Next (Next), Rewind (REW), Fast Forward (FF) Add button.
    (Rewind and fast forward are accelerated when kept pressed)
  • All the drivers, not only MME, made it to be in the fine position designation function (analysis mode).
  • sound at the beginning of the current position can be played when using the fine position designation function. (Approximately 0.1 seconds)
    Waveform playback can be done for the length of the number of FFT sample data only at MME.
  • Change the marker function in the position designation window of the fine position designation function (analysis mode) so that you can record up to 30 add to.
    When there is cue chunk in the Wave file, it can be used as a marker by reading the Cue list.
    It is also possible to edit the marker list and write it as a Cue list to the original file.
  • Added a function to make the part of TrackBar expandable / contractable in response to changes in window horizontal size.
  • Show comment line in Spectrum display area. (Store up to 3 types)
  • Corresponds to file performance from the command line. Multiple files are also OK.
    Automatic playing regardless of AutoPlay if only one file is played.
    (Drag & amp; Drop to icon, Corresponds to command line performance with association)
  • Display the maximum time when recording to a file to 999 m 59 s Expansion to. Ctrl + D forcibly split files when recording to file.
    (Only in 2 GB division mode, it does not work in RF64 mode)

  • Sharing internal processing of playback and recording.
  • Partially separated as an external DLL. (Speeding up)
  • Improved that it was in the sound skipping state when load was given by holding the window title (the same in Level Meter and Lissajous window as well in WS) with mouse with the mouse when recording. (Buffer size change)
  • Speed ??up response when changing position with TrackBar.
  • Improved Wave / Spectrum scale display.
  • Improve the time axis display accuracy of Wave lead-out.
  • Improvement method of level meter drawing.
  • Improved file name display of title bar. (CompactPath)
  • Change the image of L / R button slightly. (Corresponds to unevenness being difficult to see depending on the theme of the screen)
  • Improved the recording method of Window size to WS.INI. (Client size)
  • We recorded the version number in WS.INI and displayed the initial message + help when the version changed.
    Also, when executing for the first time, automatic setting of drawing method window is executed.
  • I made my appearance a little alive. (Theme)

    [Bug fix]
  • Fixed that the scale does not change even if Fs changes in playlist.
  • In the performance of playlist, silence length 0 and ASIO When " Unable to create ASIO Buffer " Fixed an error.
  • Playlist file to main window Fixed an error when Drag & amp; Drop.
  • Drag & amp; Drop Fixed that playing did not stop.
  • XP bug, when recording on MME, time indication 05 m 49 s (192 k / 32 bit) 07 m 46 s (192 k / 24 bit)
    11 m 39 s (192 k / 16 bit) 11 m 39 s (96 k / 32 bit) Fix to stop at 46 m 36 s (48 k / 16 bit).

    The following is a summary of the parts changed from beta version V1.49b1 (2011/09/03).

  • Added "WaveSpectra: 2" synchronization function on the other tab of the setting dialog.
    It is now possible to control the operation of the second WaveSpectra: 2 at the same time by controlling it from the first and it is now possible to simply observe the spectrum of both Lch and Rch at the same time.
  • In the fine position designation function (analysis mode), it becomes possible to edit the marker list and write it as a Cue list to the original file.
  • Improved the sound skipping state when loading by holding the window title (the same in Level meter and Lissajous window as well in WS) with mouse with recording, etc. at the time of recording. (Buffer size change)
  • Speed ??up response when changing position with TrackBar.
  • Change the image of L / R button slightly. (Corresponds to unevenness being difficult to see depending on theme on screen)
  • Fixed command line argument not working properly.
    When associating files with WAV and double clicking on .WAV, the first time it starts up by loading the file, it fixes that it did not load the file even if double clicking after starting.
  • Fixed that it could not be activated due to memory access violation in the next execution when the process was terminated with the Peak button (PeakHold) pressed in measurement mode.
    In this regard, it fixes that the settings of Peak button and Avg combo box were not reproduced at the next execution despite the setting in the INI file.
  • Fixed that deadlock occurred at the time of switching setting of drawing method between measurement thread and spectral display thread in drawing method automatic setting window and hang up.
  • Fixed that the waveform display shifted at the start when some devices were used with ASIO 4 ALL. (Improved playback position detector when it takes time to start)
    With the same cause, there was a case that the sound the beginning part of the current position played for about 0.1 seconds did not come out in the position specification window Fix.
  • Fixed memory access error part in various places.

V1.40 (Dec. 15, 2007)

  • Added playlist function. (Gapless playback support)
  • Added 131072 to the number of FFT sample data.
  • Blackman - Harris 7 Term, Flat top added to the window function.
  • Changed display of THD, RMS every about 1 second even during operation.
  • Wave Improved triggering of waveform display to take lower frequency and many waveforms.
    When the magnification is x2, the waveform of one period stops. (Up to 8192 points, up to 23 Hz at 192 ks / s)
  • Changed to show Spectrum lead-out up to 0.01 dB.
  • Spectrum + - 10, + - 3, + - 1 dB was added to the range of the vertical axis dB.
  • Spectrum Add Norm 100, Norm 1 k, Norm 10 k to the shift of the vertical axis dB.
    Added setting function of arbitrary value (0 - 200 dB).
  • Spectrum vertical axis Add x2, x5 to linear magnification. When recording to the
  • file, when exceeding 2 GB, it is possible to record for a long time by separating it into separate files every 2 GB.
    We also closed regularly and made it difficult to lose the file even in case of an accident.
  • Assigned keys to measurement mode buttons. Change display to
  • measurement mode Ave - & gt; Avg.
  • Through the calculation of THD + N, it excluded that it was included up to the DC component.
  • Display and lead out of Spectrum doubled other than direct current.
    (There is no apparent change other than the DC component in the vertical axis dB display)
  • Fixed a bug where the display range was only changed for the first time when opening the setting dialog, although the & amp; save range was restored in the range of horizontal axis of Spectrum, after designation, it was reproduced.
  • Fixed not opening even if Drag & Drop of file during recording / playing.
  • Fixed that there was sometimes noise in the waveform when playing with DirectSound.
  • When recording at 192 ks / s, noise was added to the waveform, it was fixed.
  • Fixed that the character display of the scale was misaligned until it was operated when changing the number of FFT sample data and horizontal scale display magnification depending on the drawing mode in Wave waveform display.
  • Fixed that dust was displayed when changing the number of FFT sample data in Lissajous waveform display.
  • Fixed display data being distorted when changing the window function when paused with F32 format.
  • Fix that the part outside the frame of the scale of the Spectrum graph disappeared (from V 1.30).
  • Fixed that the state of the window when maximized and finished was not saved correctly.
  • Changed Help to HTML Help.
  • Changed the archive file to * .ZIP.

V1.31 (February 22, 2004)

  • Added mode to display margin on level meter.
    We also improved the display precision at a minute level.
  • Added a function to simultaneously move each subwindow while keeping the relative position when moving the main window.
  • Fixed a bug that could not be used at all when Windows ME / 98/95 driver is MME.
    (I made WAVE_FORMAT_DIRECT possible to turn on / off with WS.INI)
  • Fixed a bug that the free space became zero and writing was impossible when directly specifying the network drive at the time of file writing.
  • Fixed a bug where the background could not be changed properly depending on the combination of drawing methods in the Lissajous window.
  • Changing how to set recording playback buffer slightly. (Improvement of more than 96 ks / s)

V1.30 (2003/10/04)

    (Only 2ch) recording / playback, IEEE_FLOAT (32 bit floating point) It corresponds to recording in the
    format. (Significant remodeling of recording / playback section)
  • Supports 192 kHz sampling recording. (Addition of frequency choice)
    (Playback is traditionally supported)
  • Conventional (at MME), WAVE_FORMAT_QUERY when displaying supported format list Changed to actually open once you were inquiring with.
    (For drivers reporting lies?)
  • Level meter (Peak + RMS) added.
  • I made it possible to display Lissajous in a separate window.
  • Wave It is possible to display even in hexadecimal when reading out.
  • 0 dB of the RMS value can be switched between the case of a full scale rectangular wave and the case of a sine wave. (Conventionally only for Sin wave)
  • Spectrum frequency display range can be set arbitrarily.
    (when the horizontal axis is linear display)
  • Add 3 types of DirectDraw to the drawing method.
  • In addition to the pause time so far, the display interval can be set with a timer.
    Also, change the initial value of pause time from 0 ms to 10 ms (about 100 fps).
    (especially since the CPU usage rate of 100% in recent high-speed CPU is useless)
  • It was made possible to start up to two independently. (One in the past)
  • Changed to clear the waveform at the time of normal display (when not in Spectrum 3D display or measurement mode), at the time of recording / reproduction stop.
  • Added 10 dB, 20 dB, 180 dB to the dB display range of Spectrum.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed threads were sometimes left.
  • Fixed a bug where setting of rectangular window of window function is not saved.
  • Spectrum in the setting window - Display type - 3D display Fixed a bug where it was not possible to set an arbitrary value with the slope and number of lines. Fixed a bug where the negative maximum value in the display of Wave becomes the maximum positive value.
  • Depending on the environment, avoiding occurrence of zero divide error when selecting wave mapper is avoided.
  • Other, minor modifications and changes.

V1.20 (2000/01/25)

  • Supports 24 bit, 32 bit Wave format.
    Change the composition of the buffer accordingly.
  • Extends the number of FFT samples to 65536.
  • Blackman-Harris (4 Term) was added to the window function.
  • Expands Spectrum Amplitude range to 40 to 160 dB.
    (However, the step is 20 dB interval)
  • screen copy (Ctrl + C) function added.
  • Added a function to automatically play without pressing the play button after opening or dragging and dropping a file.
  • Added the function to specify the playback / recording device and display function of the usable format. (Change of setting dialog tab for that)
  • Even if it is not in the usable format at the time of playback, or when there is no playback device, it works only in position fine designation mode. (Offline mode)
  • Fixed that the FFT operation ended when setting the position setting window to be displayed in the pause during playback, and sometimes did not resume when pause was canceled.
  • Fixed that there was a case that response of Spectrum display to Wave afterward was delayed a little more than before when releasing pause during recording.
  • Fixed a bug that once device open error occurred in playback / recording, it was not reset unless restarted after that.
  • Fixed a bug that caused general protection error in Wave file with large dummy chunk before data.
  • Other, minor modifications and changes.

V1.11 (1999/06/19)

  • WAVE file When pausing while playing, with respect to position change by track bar, Spectrum It is made to follow even in 3D display.
    (Analysis position fine designation function)
  • When pushing the play button of the WAVE file with the shift key, it started from the pause state.
    (Analysis position of short file that does not make play & pause in time) Because of the fine designation function)
  • Allow the position fineness setting button to remain on, and when pausing the position setting window that disappeared at the time of releasing the pause I let it always be left out.
  • When pushing the record button with the shift key, temporarily set it to the mode opposite to the current recording mode.
  • Other, minor modifications and changes.

V1.10 (June 13, 1999)

  • Spectrum 3D display addition added.
  • Wave Added Lissaoujou display.
  • Added measurement mode.
    Peak hold waveform, average waveform, lead out, overlay (with load, save), THD (+ N), S / N, RMS
  • Configuration change of the setting dialog.
    Change / extension of input method of input / recording.
    Also change the fps display so that it is always displayed in the main window.
  • Wave / Spectrum display was also tracked for position change by track bar at pause during WAVE file performance.
    In addition, the addition of a function that specifies an arbitrary position precisely by sample number and elapsed time. (2 markers are also available)
  • Acceleration of FFT calculation. (FFT part is about twice)
    (Stereo was used for simultaneous display properly for Mono)
  • Improve the accuracy of graph display.
  • Added mode for displaying peak only when Spectrum graph is displayed.
  • Spectrum dB Added Normalize mode that always sets the maximum value to 0 dB for display shift.
  • Spectrum amplitude Change the interval of the range of dB display to 10 dB interval.
  • Save the window ratio of Wave and Spectrum. Press the
  • key to move the space key during play / recording Change to pause function.
    Stop, in addition to the conventional Ctrl + S, ESC key Also added.
  • Changed the color set default to set 3 (oscilloscope style).
  • Corresponds to WAVE file of illegal header which some software makes.
  • Other, minor modifications and changes.

V 1.02 (Dec. 9, 1998)

  • Display speed is increased by up to 20%.
  • 20 added to the enlargement ratio of Wave display.
  • Auto mode added to automatically correct degradation due to window function when Spectrum dB is displayed.
  • Fixed that it was not possible to start up with NT.
  • Every time I repeat starting / ending on NT, it is written in WS.INI Fix that comment lines of ColorSet 1 are increasing more and more.
  • Fixed that 16-bit WAVE format could not be displayed properly depending on sound card.
  • Fixed that once you moved the track bar, you can no longer enter the key.
  • Fixed bug of display of Spectrum lead-out less than 1 dB.
  • Other, minor modifications and changes.

V 1.01 (Nov 11, 1998)

  • Renamed WaveSpectra because of software of the same name.
    (Wave series, maybe rather good (^ _ ^))
  • I made it possible to lead out (value reading). (Pausing)
  • Use of DirectDraw (V.Blank check), Wave, Spectrum It was divided into both. Change the name of
  • " display delay " to " display pause time "
  • Name change in WS.INI with the above two.
  • Fixed the case where the main window was closed and an access violation occasionally occurred before the calculation display thread completely stopped when forced terminating during calculation display.
  • Fixed that it was canceled that it was supposed that you were pressing the setting button when you exit with the setting dialog open.
  • I forgot the version / copyright indication (^ ^;
  • Other, minor modifications and changes.

V1.00 (1998/10/30) WinSpectra

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