* This program is compatible with Borland C ++ Builder It is created with MS VC ++ (DLL).

* It will operate on Windows XP or later.


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Thank you for the wonderful software.


Thanks to Mr. Ross Bencina
IASIOThiscallResolver (calliasio - thiscall Adapter for the IASIO interface) (public Domain / open source)


The author is not responsible for any damage caused by using this program.

* This program is freeware.

Copyright is in efu.

* For non-profit or educational purposes, you can use it freely.
Also please feel free to post the measurement results (screen copy) in this program.
(Of course I am glad if you can let me know (^ ^;)
You can use it in companies, etc, please contact us first. Please do not use without permission.

* If you can post to magazines etc., please be sure to contact us by e-mail beforehand.
Please do not publish without permission.

* Donation welcome
Thankfully, we may occasionally receive an offer to donate, so we had a window for you once.
Thank you for your support and I would like to appreciate it for purchasing the hardware / software for development / verification. Thank you.
Although freeware originally there is no use restriction, please do by money transfer service by shareware treatment asVector share registration.

The share registration number isSR 272800.
Money transfer page
http://shop.vector.co.jp/service/servlet /NCart.Add?ITEM_NO=SR272800

The price is630 yen(500 yen + 5% consumption tax + fee 105 yen).

I wanted to make it a low price, but please understand that the above price is the setting lower limit of Vector share registration.
In addition, because the information of remittor can not be told to us at all according to the terms of the share registration service, even if remittance is received, we can not contact you etc for gratitude without knowing your name.
Thank you for your understanding regarding this matter.

*Contact Information*

Report of disability, impressions, hope, other, thank you here.
E-Mail: efu@efu.jp.net (changed on 8/01/2014)

However, please be aware that HTML mails, e-mails with attachments are automatically deleted and can not be received at all.

*Especially when you use Outlook (Express), please note that it is often HTML mail settings.
In "Sending" tab of "Tools" "Options", please set "Mail transmission format" to "Text format".
Please also pay attention to the setting in the case of Web mail. (Do not use HTML mail)

Also, please be sure to add the software name (WaveSpectra) to the subject of the mail.
Otherwise, if it is a simple subject, it may be deleted with the spam filter.

*Even if it is several days after a few days, even if the reply does not return, there is a possibility that it has not arrived, please check the setting again just in case.

When reporting a problem, in addition to the operation procedure, please be sure to include as much detailed operating environment as possible including OS and sound device type.
If possible, copy and paste the contents of WS.INI or WS_2.INI to the body of the e-mail (please do not attach).
Since failure can not be reproduced it can not be handled, so please.

The latest version is
http://efu.jp.net/ (changed on August 1, 1414)
It is in

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