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Audiolab Drivers

Audiolab Q-DAC driver V1.61b

Newer Audiolab drivers (also work for Q-DAC)

Audiolab USB driver v2.23

NE5532 / OPA2134 (or other dual opamp) preamp

Schematic (pdf)

Schematic (DipTrace)

PCB layout (DipTrace)

NE5534 / OPA134 (or other single opamp) preamp

Schematic (pdf)

Schematic (DipTrace)

PCB layout (DipTrace)

DAC filter for AD1955

Schematic (pdf)

Schematic (DipTrace)

PCB layout (DipTrace)

HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool V2.2.3

Download HP USB writer utility

Splicecom Maximiser Installation & Reference Manual

Download Splicecom Maximiser Manual (V3.2 April 2010)

Technics New Class A (how it works)

New Class A Page 1

New Class A Page 2

New Class A+

Uniden UBC 100xlt / Realistic PRO-35 Scanner Manual

Download the manual here
After spending some time trying to find a manual for the above, I managed to find a really poor quality PDF file.I spent some time re-writing the file in Word (I was able to copy a few paragraphs) so this is now much clearer and easy to read.
Musical Fidelity, The Preamp II - schematic

Download schematic
PSU and phono stages not included. Drawn by reverse engineering the preamp. Click here for some internal pictures of this unit
NAD 2200 Power Amp

NAD 2200 bridge input board.
NAD 2200 power amp schematic - as can be seen, this is a 'class g' design, which makes it interesting from a technical point of view. This gives the amp a dynamic power of 500w into a 4 ohm load! The manual states the RMS power to be "more than 100 w" at 0.04% THD (8 ohms) and clipping power (at 1% THD) is quoted as 140w into 8 ohms and 200w into 4 ohms. In bridged mode (if the bridging circuit was still in place!) this would translate to 1kW into 4 ohms! The output current is quoted as 50A (nominal) "peak short term current (1 msec)".

NAD 2200 Power Amp Schematic

Discrete Preamp Project

PCB (copper side) for preamp project

PCB (top silk screen) for preamp project.

Spice Models

LF353 Spice Model

Roku M1000 Specifications

Roku M1000 Specs


200 Ways to recover a dying hard disk

Car Stuff

Continental Tyres Technical Databook 2010-2011

Continental Tyre Guide 2010-2011

Vintage Weber Carburettor jetting charts

Chart 1

Chart 2

GTM Libra Road Test

CCC Feb 2000 GTM Libra Road Test


Arcam R-DAC

Centrance DAC Mini

DAC Review summary

Marantz 6004 system

USB to SPDIF convertors

Advance Acoustic MPP 206 preamp and MAA 406 power amp

Some old, old legacy drivers for IBM and Fujitsu laptops

ATi 64 bit chipset

Atheros 64 bit wireless

Motorola SM56 modem

DOT Net redistributable (required for the ATi control panel)

O2 Micro Card Reader

Onboard sound

This is for IBM specific laptops (T60), but does work with other brands.

For service pack 1

For service pack 2

For service pack 3

IBM Specific #1

IBM Specific #2

IBM specific, but works with others.

Windows 2000 SP4

Bink Audio Test CD

Bink Audio Test CD

Track listing (CSV)

Track listing (Excel)
Track Title Time
1 Left-Right 00:08:00
2 L R C Surround (Like Dolby Pro-Logic) 00:17:00
3 Dual Tone 700Hz L 1k R 0dB 30s 00:34:00
4 700Hz 0dB 30s 00:34:00
5 1k 0dB 60s 01:04:00
6 Log Sweep 20Hz To 20k, 0dB To -6dB, 32s 00:36:00
7 Linear Sweep 20Hz To 20k, 0dB To -6dB, 32s 00:36:00
8 80Hz Warble +-40Hz -1dB 60s 01:04:00
9 100Hz Warble +-40Hz -1dB 60s 01:06:00
10 120Hz Warble +-40Hz -1dB 60s 01:04:00
11 16Hz -1dB 30s 00:34:00
12 20Hz -1dB 30s 00:34:00
13 25Hz -1dB 30s 00:34:00
14 31.5Hz -1dB 30s 00:34:00
15 40Hz -1dB 30s 00:34:00
16 50Hz -1dB 30s 00:34:00
17 60Hz -1dB 30s 00:34:00
18 63Hz -1dB 30s 00:34:00
19 70Hz -1dB 30s 00:34:00
20 80Hz -1dB 30s 00:34:00
21 90Hz -1dB 30s 00:34:00
22 100Hz -1dB 30s 00:34:00
23 125Hz -1dB 30s 00:34:00
24 160Hz -1dB 30s 00:34:00
25 200Hz -1dB 30s 00:34:00
26 250Hz -1dB 30s 00:34:00
27 315Hz -1dB 30s 00:34:00
28 400Hz -1dB 30s 00:34:00
29 500Hz -1dB 30s 00:34:00
30 630Hz -1dB 30s 00:34:00
31 800Hz -1dB 30s 00:34:00
32 1.25k -1dB 30s 00:34:00
33 1.6k -1dB 30s 00:34:00
34 2k -1dB 30s 00:34:00
35 2.5k -1dB 30s 00:34:00
36 3.15k -1dB 30s 00:34:00
37 4k -1dB 30s 00:34:00
38 5k -1dB 30s 00:34:00
39 6.3k -1dB 30s 00:34:00
40 8k -1dB 30s 00:34:00
41 10k -1dB 30s 00:34:00
42 12.5k -1dB 30s 00:34:00
43 16k -1dB 30s 00:34:00
44 20k -1dB 30s 00:34:00
45 Piano A4 440Hz 00:12:00
46 Piano Solo, Stereo 00:39:00
47 Drum Solo, Stereo 00:45:00
48 Metronome 120bpm 4mins 04:04:00
49 Crest Wave 10s 00:14:00
50 DC Offset 10% Inverted Polarity 20s 00:24:00
51 DC Offset Full!! Inverted Polarity 20s 00:28:00
52 1k Inverted Polarity 0dB 30s 00:34:00
53 1k -60dB 10s 00:14:00
54 1k Square -2dB 30s 00:34:00
55 1k Square 0dB!! 30s 00:34:00
56 White Noise -9dB 60s 01:04:00
57 440Hz -1dB 20mins 20:04:00
58 Pink Noise -12dB 20mins 20:06:00
59 Digital Silence 2mins 02:00:00