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Electronics: 3 transistor discrete preamp with good performance

My discrete preamp, which was based on the information in this Zetex datasheet.
There is also a PCB layout for this available which can be downloaded below.
It would be quite trivial to construct this on veroboard (as I did with my prototypes) but the PCB layout provided makes for a neater job.
This little preamp has excellent performance and very low noise. I have compared this to several commercial designs including Cambridge C500, Rotel RC971, Adcom GFP345 and it compared very favourably.

See the gallery images below for the schematic and layout details.
The PCB layout can be downloaded here.
Note: there are a couple of mods - one in particular "C7" needs to be soldered to the copper side of the board.
RL (22k) is just a test load for simulation and is not required.
R7 (collector of Q2) has also been omitted and a link must be fitted in it's place.
Q3 (output transistor) dissipates around 260mW (collector current is ~18mA) - I fitted a TO92 heat sink to mine to keep it cool, although a heat sink is probably not really necessary.
Project: Discrete Preamp - DISCRETE-PREAMP1
Project: Discrete Preamp - DISCRETE-PREAMP2
Project: Discrete Preamp - DISCRETE-PREAMP3
Project: Discrete Preamp - DISCRETE-PREAMP4
Project: Discrete Preamp - DISCRETE-PREAMP5
Project: Discrete Preamp - DISCRETE-PREAMP6
Project: Discrete Preamp - DISCRETE-PREAMP7
Project: Discrete Preamp - DISCRETE-PREAMP8
Project: Discrete Preamp - DISCRETE-PREAMP9

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