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Electronics: LJM MX50 X2 Amplifier

This power amp was based around two 'LJM MX50X2' modules purchased off Ebay from a Chinese vendor.
Having spent a fair amount of time unsuccessfully trying to source suitable heatsinks, I eventually went in search of a donor amplifier, and knowing that most Rotel models have generously rated heatsinks, I found an RB-956AX on Ebay for a good price, so I bought it.
I initially used the Rotel transformer, but the voltage was found to be too low, so I reverted to my original plan of using two toroidal transformers from a Cambridge A5.
I bought two faulty Cambridge A5 amps as scrap off Ebay.
This amp has now been upgraded with LJM L20SE modules.
Project: LJM MX50 X2 Amplifier - LJM-MX50-X2-AMPLIFIER1
Project: LJM MX50 X2 Amplifier - LJM-MX50-X2-AMPLIFIER2
Project: LJM MX50 X2 Amplifier - LJM-MX50-X2-AMPLIFIER3
Project: LJM MX50 X2 Amplifier - LJM-MX50-X2-AMPLIFIER4
Project: LJM MX50 X2 Amplifier - LJM-MX50-X2-AMPLIFIER5

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