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WaveSpectra and WaveGene mirror

At some time (believed to be early 2022) efu.jp.net went offline with a 403 error.
Attempts at contacting "EFU" (believed to be the developer) of WaveSpectra and WaveGene by email failed.
I found an archive of the sites of interest (specifically WaveGene and WaveSpectra) on Archive.org and I have mirrored them here (without permission).
I have also translated the pages to English from the original Japanese, and cleaned up the HTML bringing it up to HTML5 standard - it should now also render correctly on mobile devices.
I will happily take this down on request if it's deemed to be a breach of copyright.
See This link for the pages.
Direct link to the WaveSpectra pages
Direct link to the WaveGene pages
NOTE: all software presented here is copyright efu
WaveSpectra and WaveGene mirror