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Test and measurement: English help for WaveSpectra / Wavegene

WaveSpectra and WaveGene are two excellent tools for audio testing (and more!) and it's not easy to realise their full ability until you have read the help files.
I recently spent some time translating the help files for WaveSpectra and WaveGene from Japanese to English. * please see note below
The Windows .hlp files have now been translated to PDF and DOCx files and made available for download:
WaveSpectra & WaveGene help files in PDF format (zip archive)
WaveSpectra & WaveGene help files in Word format (zip archive)
Update 22 October 22
The PDF downloads are now working. Apologies to those who previously tried to download these files.
Wavespectra PDF help file
WaveGene PDF help file
I have also converted the help files to HTML which can be viewed on this site using the links below:
The translations were done with Google translate, so there may be a few sentences that don't make sense on first reading - however I did proof read them and made changes to the best of my ability.
NOTE: most of the info below is now irrelevant and left here for archive purposes. Windows 8 and later versions have trouble using the Windows help files.

You can download a .zip archive of the two files (WG.CHM and WS.CHM) here.
If you are running anything newer than Windows XP - you'll also need WinHlp32

Local download:

In the event that you are unable to install the above WinHlp32 installer, you can simply download a zip archive of winhlp32.exe here.
The above installer did not work for me (Windows 7), so I found a working copy of Windows XP and copied 'winhlp32.exe' from there (which is the winhlp32.zip download offered above).
Please see the note below about unblocking the help file for use on your PC

How it was done:

The Japanese help files were decompiled with hh.exe
hh.exe -decompile [foldername] [helpfile]
After pasting the content of each individual Japanese html help file into Google translate, I was able to extract a fairly good English facsimile.
However much of the HTML code was corrupted in the process, so I had to manually edit it by comparing my help files with the original Japanese help file (the images were helpful here as I had no idea what I was reading!).
I then used HTML Help Workshop (download from Microsoft) to rebuild the files after translation and editing.
Local download: HTMLHelp
I also changed the default font, and generally tidied up some of the HTML (some of which was corrupted by the translation process).
If you would like a copy of the HtmlHelp project files, please
I did search for English help files, but couldn't find any - so if you are aware of any from the original software author, please let me know via the contact address on the home page.

Please NOTE:

Changing the help files to English has 'broken' the context sensitive help within the applications - the workaround for this is to simply open the help file directly by 'double clicking' on it.
Trying to access the help from within the applications will result in an error message "hh_help_context called without a map" which I believe is because the context sensitive help was linked using Japanese keywords from within the applications.

Also NOTE:

Before you can open the help file, you will need to unblock it on your PC.
Right click on the file, click on "Properties" - on the "General" tab you'll see a button marked "Unblock" as per the image below - click "Unblock" and then "Apply"
You will now be able to open the help file.
Windows file unblock dialogue box

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